Tai Chi Classes

We teach a classical Yang style taiji form in 3 sections, qi gong, and wuxing/acupressure.

Currently all classes are held online.


  • The LIVE class occurs Saturdays 8am PST/11am EST
  • There is no need for participation or a camera
  • Simply login via any web device with a chrome browser


  • No need to take the LIVE classes.
  • Previously recorded classes are available at the link below.


TCSociety’s innovative virtual learning tool was crafted with cutting-edge performance capture and 3D animation software.

The tool allows you to explore portions of our form from every conceivable angle on any browsing device.

Easily playback, pause, and rewind our 3D form, ensuring you grasp every movement with precision.

And the best part? No fancy gadgets needed! But if you have a VR headset, simply click the viewer icon at the bottom right to immerse yourself fully.

Enjoy the serenity of practicing Tai Chi in the cozy confines of your home, guided by our virtual study companion.

And stay tuned! TCSociety is gearing up to bring you even more VR and digital training tools in the near future.


If you have questions or work like to joing the live class, please contact us at (310) 987-7278.

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