Tai Chi Classes in the Los Angeles Area

View Tai Chi Classes in Los Angeles in a full screen mapWelcome to the TC Society’s Tai Chi Chuan Classes. We practice Authentic Yang Style Tai Chi Chuan. These forms were passed down from Yang Lu-Cheng, the founder of Yang Style Tai Chi, to Yang Chien-Hou (his son), to Yang Shao-Hou (his grandson), and down to Hsiung Yang-Ho (TC Hou’s teacher).

There are three Sections and more than 100 Stances in Yang Style Tai Chi Chuan. We will learn the applications of each stance in the regular classes. Breathing and ‘Qi’ circulation techniques, which are important in a fuller understanding of Tai Chi, will be further discussed in the workshops.

Please find the Tai Chi class nearest you:

Mar Vista Tai Chi Classes

Santa Monica Tai Chi Classes (Colorado Center)

Santa Monica Tai Chi Classes (Douglas Park)

Studio City Tai Chi Classes

Westwood Tai Chi Classes

Tai Chi Classes Coming Soon:


Thousand Oaks

Diamond Bar


Santa Monica(3rd Street Promenade)

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Individual:Every Month:

$100 per month, unlimited classes in all groups.

Family: Bring all the members to enjoy Tai Chi together!Every Month:

$160 per month, unlimited classes in all groups.

Private:$500 per hour with Gene Walder or

$200 per hour with any instructors at your location .

Make checks payable to TCSociety and provide it to your instructor.

Please call

(310) 987-7278

for an appointment.

  • A good portion of the tuition is used for charitable purposes.
  • For the same reason, no one should be excluded from Tai Chi Chuan lessons due to a lack of money.
  • Your enthusiasm for learning Tai Chi Chuan is our best reward.
  • You may choose to substitute tuition costs with work:
  • 10 hours of work helping the TCsociety (or another charitable cause of our choice) will pay for one month’s tuition.

****Special Offer****

Normally one-on-one sessions are $200 per hour. As a gift package to new members we have bundled a private one hour, one-on-one lesson and the first month’s group tuition for only $150. This means you get one whole month of group classes plus a one hour one-on-one session with an instructor. This is a great way to be introduced to the practice of Tai Chi. You get up to speed at your own pace during the one-on-one session and then you get re-enforcement during the group classes.

TC Hou

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