The Colorado Center, Santa Monica

The park name has changed from Yahoo! Center to The Colorado Center, but we still offer the same great Tai Chi lessons. In Tai Chi Chuan, focus is placed on slow, rhythmic, and meditative body movements. We practice to promote relaxation, inner calmness, and peace. Join us to take a closer look at the art of Tai Chi, and the benefits that come along with practicing it.

Group lessons at The Colorado Center:


Sunday 8:00 am to 9:30 am Yang style, Long form


Please call

(310) 987-7278

for an appointment.

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How to approach the Colorado Center (formerly Yahoo! Center)

-The address for the parking structure is NEAR 2330 Colorado Blvd.  Santa Monica CA 90404

-Park in the underground structure for the Colorado Center.

-Take the nearest elevator or stairwell to the surface level, and navigate to to location indicated on the map below.



Please call (310) 987-7278  if you encounter any difficulty in arriving.