Woodland Hills Tai Chi Classes

Group lessons at Warner Ranch Park:


Monday 5:30 pm to 6:30 pm Yang style, Long form


Please call

(310) 987-7278

for an appointment.

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Class location is near the amphitheater. The Google Map link above shows the exact GPS coordinates.


– Street parking is available on all perimeters of the park.


If you have any difficulty finding the class location, please contact Brian at (3IO)954-6488

Tai Chi Classes in Woodland Hills, CA – Some of the Benefits

In addition to learning how to protect yourself physically, there are many health benefits that come with the practice of Tai Chi. The Chinese believe, Tai Chi can prolong your lifespan, increase your flexibility, and strengthen your muscles.

It is also thought to aid in the treatment of such conditions as high blood pressure, skin diseases, cancer, heart disease, arthritis, depression, and many other illnesses and health conditions. Unfortunately, while many people swear by these beliefs, they have not yet been scientifically proven. With that said, there are many benefits of Tai Chi that have been proven. Here are a few proven benefits that come along with taking Tai Chi in Woodland Hills, CA:

  • Improves Balance
  • Increases self confidence
  • Improves strength and endurance
  • Improves aerobic capacity
  • Improves the condition of those suffering from fibromyalgia
  • Decreases stress