Travel to China, June 1 to June 15, 2013

Join the TCSociety this summer in our trip to Lijiang and Guilin. We will practice Qigong all along out adventure. There is only enough room for a group of 25, so if you’re interested please make your reservation today. For reservations please call Kitty at 626)283-5090.

Read below to see a day-by-day itinerary of our trip:

Day 1

Depart LAX 11:00 pm

Day 2

(pass international date line on airplane)

Day 3

day 3Arrive Guangzhou 5:20 am

Depart Guangzhou 7:40 am

Arrive Kunming 10:05 am

On arrival in Kunming, the tour guide will escort us to the hotel. The balance of the day will be free time.

Kunming is the capital and largest city in Yunnan Province. It lies at an altitude of 6200 feet. The June average high is75.4°F and the low 62.1°F (the record June highs and lows are 84.6°F and 48.6°F, both rarely approached). The average

June humidity is 78%. It rains more than 0.1 mm on an average of 17.4 June days.

Accommodation: three-star Kunming Wenhui Hotel, or the same level hotel.

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Day 4

Day 4Kunming to Dali to Lijiang

(Tour includes hotel breakfast, and lunch and dinner)

After breakfast, drive to Dali, visit Dragon Movie City, which has been the location for a number of successful movies and TV series. This careful authentic recreation of Sung dynasty streets provides an opportunity to imagine scenes no longer available.

We then take a bus to the ancient cityof Lijiang, to visit aUNESCO World Heritage site:Dayan, the old city center.Like Venice or Suzhou, Lijiang is built around flowing water. Square Street washes its colorful slate-covered streets with water from the water channel in the morning, and after the day’s trade in open markets, the street is again washed. Exploring the streets is like walking into the famous Sung Dynasty painting Qingming River Figure.

After a good dinner we will arrive at the hotel.

Accommodation: 3-star Guanfang Hotel Villa Area B or similar hotel.

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About Lijiang:

If you have Google Earth installed on your computer, see Lijiang and surrounding area:

Day 5

Day 5Lijiang to Shangri-La

(Tour includes hotel breakfast, and lunch and dinner)

After breakfast we will take a bus to the “Alpine Garden,”also known as “Animal Kingdom”. The reputable Shangri-La is a peaceful land with a quiet lakes, sacred temples, and honest people of Kham. Everything reminds peopleof a dream of Garden of Eden.

Majestic world-famous Tiger Leaping Gorge is one of the world’s deepest canyons, running between the snow-capped mountains Jade Dragon and Haba Mountain. It is divided into three sections: the Tiger Jump Up, the Tiger Jump, and Tiger Jump Down. The momentum of the running rapids in the last section is extraordinary.

After lunch, we will visit local Tibetan families (fee included in tour), tasting Tibetan butter tea and ciba snacks. Then we will visit the old town, Dukezong. On the peak of Turtle Hill stands the world’s largest prayer wheel, also known as the Golden Prayer Wheel. Walk down to see Moonlight Square and the Diqing Museum,which exhibits the natural, historical and cultural characteristics of the Tibetan areas of Yunnan’s “Shangri-La.”

After dinner, we will go to the hotel.

Accommodation: three- to four-star Maoyuan Hotel or similar hotel.

Day 6

Day 6Shangri-la to Lijiang

(Tour includes hotel breakfast, and lunch and dinner)

After breakfast we will leave forLijiang. Yulong Snow Mountain (height, 18,360 feet) lies on our bus route. The Snow Mountain, 22 miles from north to south and 7½ km from east to west, overlooksLijiang. Against the background of the blue sky,the mountain looks like a silver Yulong(Jade Dragon) eternally flying.

After lunch, we will tour Guanyinxia (fee included in tour). Quiet canyons, towering peaks, gradually watercourses, glens,falls, folk religion, customs, and Naxi villages. Tea-horse Road, the route over which tea was carried from Yunnan to Tibet.Natural landscape and cultural landscape as an integrated scenic.

Then go on to the souvenir shop, and then tour the charminghamlet of Shuhe. We will have a feeling of deja vu here, for this is similar to Dayan in Lijiang, but on a smaller scale.Square Street Square, an area of about 250 square meters, also known as Beam River Square Street. It is a very lively Lijiang fur trading hub.

After dinner, return to the hotel to rest.

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Slide show of Guanyinxia:

Day 7

Day 7Lijiang to Dali

(Tour includes hotel breakfast, and lunch and dinner)

After breakfast in hotel we will visit Black Dragon Pool Park. (five-hole bridge, Pearl Spring). According to legend, a long time ago, ten dragon often evil in the world. Dongbin reined nine and held them under urban Tuodong ancient buildings (ieGuta) but left a small Black Dragon lived here to do good for people as a payback. We will continue to visit the silk shops.

After lunchwe will go to Dali. In the homes of Bai living in Dali we can enjoy a three tea tasting Bai ceremony and ornamental Bai dance. We will enjoy Dali city after dinner. Dali is laid out on a rectangular grid, five streets from the south to north, and eight lanes from east to west.

Accommodation: the three-star Regent Hotel or similar hotel.

Day 8

Day 8Dali to Lufeng to Kunming

(Tour includes hotel breakfast, and lunch and dinner)

After breakfast, we will go to World Dinosaur Valley (admission fee at traveler’s own expense). It is a national geological park, and a world-renowned cultural attraction. It is in the Guinness Book of World Records. Over four hundred dinosaur fossils have been excavated here, by far the world’s largest deposit of late Jurassic dinosaur fossils.

We will head to understand the culture of Yunnan Pu’er tea after lunch and then visit the Kunming city symbol,Golden Horse and JadeChicken Square, and Nanping Road tourist pedestrian street. Finally, we will visit the Pearl Museum and have dinner.

Accommodation: three-star Kunming Wenhui Hotel or the same level hotel.

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More on World Dinosaur Valley:

A slide show of Golden Horse and Jade Chicken Archway:

Day 9


(Tour includes hotel breakfast, and lunch and dinner)

After breakfast, visit to a jade store, then tour [Daguanlou scenic], where the theme is based on the long-associated historical and cultural resort divided into heritage attractions near HuaPu, South Park, between East and West, modern garden wall garden area and West Park scenic three part of the Dianchi Lake in the scenic area of the Caohai north shore.

After lunch, tour known as the “Emerald” in Kunming Cheng – [Green Lake Park]. Its the octahedral water Chui, Four Seasons bamboo Chui, spring and summer Liu Tsui, the so called “Green Lake”. Then tour [the Colorful Yunnan tourist area], group members can feel concentrated Yunnan laying magnificent magical scenery and ethnic folk cultural splendors.

After the gift treasures foot massage, eliminate the day’s fatigue.

After dinner back to the hotel to rest.

Accommodation: three-star Kunming Wenhui Hotel or the same level hotel.

Day 10

Day 10Kunming to Guilin

(Tour includes hotel breakfast, and lunch and dinner)TC, is this correct???

Depart Kunming by air, time to be determined.

Arrive Guilin.

Enjoy an easy day.

Accommodation: three-star Guilin Jinshuiwan International Hotel or similar hotel.

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About the hotel:

Day 11

Guilin to Longsheng

(Tour includes the hotel breakfast, and lunch and dinner)

After breakfast we will tour Folded Brocade Hill, then the pearl shop.

After lunch, we will visit Guilin’s“Chinatown”(ZhengyangJie, a pedestrian street) and experience the local cultural customs. then went to Longsheng tour [Longji terrace (fee). Longji Rice Terraces is a large-scale group terraced chain like with coiled from the foot to the top of the hill; line to fill the gap,majestic and spectacular scale with momentum. There is the “terrace highest in the world” reputation.

We will see ancient Zhuang Village, with more than 700 years of cultural history, the Zhuang culture encyclopedia promenade said, now has the country’s most complete, the oldest and largest the Zhuang dry bar Diaojiaolou building group.

Ride to hotel after dinner.

Accommodation: quasi-star Longji International Hotel or similar

Day 12

Day 12Guilin to Yangshuo

(Tour includes the hotel breakfast, and lunch and dinner)

After breakfast we will visit scenic Rong Hu and Shan Hu Lakes, located in the heart of Guilin and marking the location of defensive moats in the Ming dynasty. The scenic area has also a river which runs through the flowers and trees, and historical monuments, such as the ancient South Gate, the Millennium ancient banyan and [zigzag bridge]. Along the way came in the two rivers and four lakes Sun-and-Moon Twin Pagodas. The day tower is currently the world’s tallest tower of copper, is China’s first all-copper pagoda.

We will then visit the cloud world tea house.

After lunch visit Depo silk.

Then drive south to Yangshuo. Along the road we will come to a place more beautiful than the legendary Xanadu–a destination recommended by the World Tourism Organization (Tour includes fee).The entire area without walls, fences, completely together with fertile land, cottages, forming a natural leisurely pastoral scenery. The beauty is breathtaking.

Accommodation: 4-star Yangshuo Renaissance Garden Hotel or similar hotel.

More information

The Renaissance Garden Hotel appears to be the same as the Elite Garden Hotel; at least they have the same address (51 Pantao Road):

Day 13

Day 13Yangshuo

(Tour includes hotel breakfast, and lunch)

After breakfast we will tour the Silver Cave (Yinzi cave), a world-class example of a limestone cave, one result of Guilin’s landscape. It has been developed for visitors since 1999. A two kilometer trail leads through three “stories:” a lower level, the grand hall, and an upper level, passing a variety of well-lit, remarkable features. Unlike most caves, many of the stalactites and stalagmites of the Silver Cave are clear, which is the origin of the cave’s name.

Rafting on the Yulong River. Poled down the river on two-person bamboo rafts.

After lunch, tour the beautiful landscape on both sides of the strait, observe fishermen catching fish with cormorants (tour includes fee). , rafts flows quietly, through beautiful countryside.
the two sides has beautiful scenery, eye candy. Minorities can also enjoy Mei the antiphonal singing performances together with Mei Duige.

Chinese and foreign famous Yangshuo], ree to wander, stroll in the cobbled road.You can feel the perfect combination of Chinese and foreign cultures, but also buy a variety of goods with Chinese national characteristics.

Dinner at the traveler’s own expense. West Street, the major thoroughfare, which is near the hotel, has many restaurants. Yangshou is famous for Yangshuo Beer Fish, Luoshi stuffed, but choose whatever you like.

Accommodation: 4-star Yangshuo Renaissance Garden Hotel or similar hotel.

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West Street:

Day 14

Yangshuo to Guilin

(Tour includes hotel breakfast, and lunch and dinner)

Back to Guilin After breakfast, tour by multi-stage mountain garden [Fubo, Fubo named Tang Dynasty was built in the mountains Han Dynasty Fubo General Ma Yuan Temple, a mountain, water, caves, stone pavilion, garden, heritage in the range of less than 10,000 square meters, became the epitome of the unique landscape of Guilin.

After to visit Treasures health museum (free washes), our in-depth understanding of Chinese medicine in China and its profound.

After lunch, visit [Third Sister Liu the Daguanyuan] (fee), it is based on the theme of culture Third Sister Liu, Guangxi Zhuang culture and folk customs, leisure playground. Into the landscape park, Guangxi Zhuang, Yao, Miao, Dong, boys and girls singing and dancing to greet jump with bamboo dance, immersive feel of the wedding customs of ethnic minorities in Guangxi. After the performance visit the Clear Water Treasures shop.

After dinner, watch a cabaret [landscape] (at traveler’s own expense) code set of their drama ornamental, artistic in one large-scale fantasy acrobatic dance show, it brings you to a beautiful and stunning panoramic view of the stimulus

Theater Performance experience. Stay at the hotel to rest after the end of the show.

Accommodation: quasi star Guilin Jinshuiwan International Hotel or similar hotel.

Day 15

Guilin to Guangzhou

(Tour includes hotel breakfast)

After breakfast, visit famous Baoshutang, then freedom of movement.

Transport to Guilin airport in the afternoon, fly to Guangzhou, and fly back to the United States.

Depart Guilin 6:10 pm.

Arrive Guangzhou 7:10 pm.

Depart Guangzhou 9:30 pm.

Arrive LAX 7:00 pm.

Call Kitty at 626)283-5090 if you would like to make your reservation.