Geoff Hull

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Geoff Hua shenName: Geoff Hull

Teaches in: Studio City

What got you interested in Tai Chi?

My wife heard about the classes and felt it would be good for us. Tai Chi didn’t connect for her, but it resonated with me.

What is your Experience?

I have studied with Master Hou, for over 10 years now. Four of those years as class leader, in Studio City.

What keeps you interested in Tai Chi?

One can pursue endlessly, the few simple principles, embodied in Tai Chi. Each time as I realize, a new or deeper understanding, something inside me resonates. And I am driven further to find what will be revealed next.

What have you learned from Tai Chi?

Not to oppose directly the forces, that the world presents to us. But rather to receive them as a gift, that empowers us. To flow with them and to return them, to the emptiness from which the sprang.