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NAME: Hagai Izraeli

I am a musician. I grew up in a musical family in Israel and have been creating and performing music ever since.

My main instrument is the Flumpet, which is an incredible invention by Dave Monette (www.monette.net) A gold plated masterpiece combining trumpet and flugelhorn to create a magnificent musical instrument.

In addition to the Flumpet I perform and compose music on a verity of instrument from brass to flutes, reeds, percussion, piano, guitar, sea shells, ancient horns and more. Some of the music I compose it is for my original band MAETAR and some for jazz bands, classical, solo and more. (www.maetar.com & https://www.facebook.com/pages/Maetar/282904141722136).

In addition to Maetar I perform with the Los Angeles Jewish Symphony (https://www.lajewishsymphony.com/) My jazz quartet – Sunday Special, big bands, funk bands and recording sessions.

I am also artist in residence at Wildwood School, teaching Middle and High schoolers music. Through composition and performance they learn how to play together, listen, notate, arrange, rehearse and perform music. And just as important they learn to be a better people.


Swimming, running, jumping, basketball, soccer and all physical activities were always integral part of my life and continue to be.

I am filled with gratitude to Tommy for insisting I meet TC. That was around 2004. Since then I can say with all confidence and honesty that Tai Chi changed every aspect of my life for the better. My posture and balance have improved. My coordination and relaxation skills increased. I am healthier and I feel great. My ability to concentrate and to remain relaxed through the challenges life hands me daily, has allowed me to enjoy life to the fullest extent. Through Tai Chi I discovered Chi Qung and Ba Gua. I practice every day. Sometimes all three and sometimes just one. I am grateful to TC and to all my other teachers for opening this world to me and for continuing to unveil secrets.

Another thing that is different about studying with TC is his generosity and openness to share his knowledge with his students, That is a rare quality and should be celebrated. I recommend Tai Chi whole heartedly to everyone reading this page. Try Tai Chi – you will be happy you did!

Connect with Hagai:

My Band MAETAR : www.maetar.com
My Horn maker: www.monette.net
Los Angeles Jewish Symphony:  https://www.lajewishsymphony.com/