Special Events

In addition to regular group classes and intensive workshops, we also plan special events both locally and abroad to expand out perceptions of Tai Chi.

Our local field trips usually consist of half day trips to observe and practice with other Tai Chi groups. You will see how others learn Tai Chi in various forms and various ways. Usually a taste of Authentic Chinese food will follow.

Our trips abroad focus on itineraries that explore the history, origins and evolutions of Tai Chi Chuan practice.

Please find below a list of upcoming events and pictures from past events.

Upcoming Local Events

2011 Chinese Language Classes

Upcoming Travel Trips

No new events currently scheduled. We’re always planning new events, so please check back soon!!!

Past Special Events

2010 Tai Chi San Shou Training Program

2010 Chinese Language Classes

2010 China Trip

2010 Taiwan Trip

8-22-2009 Saturday Morning with TC

2009 Sunset Moon Rise at the Getty

2007 China Trip

2006 China Trip