2010 China Trip

Our annual trip to China will visit Li Jiang, Yunnan. Li Jiang is a very blessed beauty in Chinese history. The minority culture is well kept for thousand years. The unique building style and the creek system going through the city make it a cool place to relax.

China Vacation with TC -2010


Deluxe tour of splendid Yunnan and Guilin

12 days

April 30, 2010 through May 11, 2010

Guilin, Dragon’s Backbone Rice Terrace, Yangshuo, Kunming, Dali, and Lijiang


Day 1

LAX/Guangzhou 04/30/2010

Leaving LA for China –fly over Pacific Ocean to enjoy our exciting journey.

Day 2

LAX/Guangzhou 05/01/2010

Fly across International Date Line.

Day 3

05/02 Arrive Guangzhou , Guangzhou /Guilin (By Airplane)

reed flute cave

Our flight arrives at Guangzhou in the morning. A connecting domestic flight will continue our trip to Guilin.

Our tour guide will meet us at airport and help us check in a luxury hotel.

Our sightseeing can start after a short break and lunch. We will visit Reed Flute Cave.

Inside the cave, there are various stalagmites, stone curtains, stone flowers and stone pillars, which constitute a unique charm, making it known as a palace of natural art.

Then we will stop at Elephant Trunk Hill (Xiangshan). It is the badge of Guilin City, and was given its name because the hill looks exactly like an elephant drinking from the river with its trunk.

It is a masterpiece of karsts landscape, composed of pure limestone deposited on the sea floor 360 million years ago.

Guilin Hotel: Waterfall Hotel —-5 star hotel

Day 4

05/03 Guilin –Dragon’s Backbone Rice Terrace-Guilin

dragonback field

We will visit a very unique scene created by the effort of farmers through past hundreds of years -Dragon’s Backbone Rice Terraces at Longsheng.

Some of the terraces look like great chains, while others look like ribbons.

They wind from the feet to the tops of the hills.

The smaller ones are like snails and the bigger ones like towers.

There are layers upon layers of terraces, high and low.

The outline is very smooth, its scale is enormous.

Longsheng is also the gathering land for minorities like the Yao, Dong, Zhuang and Miao.

After dinner we will take the famous dream tour of Guilin Two-River and Four-Lake Water System on a cruise.

yangshuo 1

Day 5

05/04 Guilin —Yangshuo

bai minority 3China - Impression Liu Sanjie

The highlight of today is a leisurely 4-hour cruise down the Li River, passing through valleys, bamboo groves and rice fields.

Lunch will be served on board our luxurious cruise.

We will visit beautiful Moon Hill and take a walk along the famous West street after arriving at Yangshuo.

After dinner entertainment is the grand-scale outdoor performance of The Impression of Sanjie Liu.

It is the core project of The Lijiang River Mountain-Water Theater. This performance expresses the beautiful scenery of the Lijiang River, the colorful culture of the ethnic groups in Guangxi and the brave imagination of the excellent artists in China. It is the first of its kind of the world.

Yangshou Hotel: Tangrenjie Hotel Deluxe Room (river view)(4 star)


Sanjie Liu 2Sanjie Liu 4

Day 6

05/05 Yangshuo—Guilin/Kunming, Kunming / Lijiang (by Air plane)

le jiang hotelLejiang

We will travel down Yulong River by bamboo raft.

It is the biggest branch of the Li River in YangShuo County.

The clear water runs smoothly past fields, farmhouses, trees and mountains.

You will be surrounded by the crystal water and feel relaxed and happy in the arms of the green mountains.

Then we will drive back to Guilin and take flights to Lijiang stop overming Kunming.

Lijiang Hotel: Liwang Hotel —-4 star hotel in old town/ traditional local building converted

Day 7

05/06 Lijiang


Naxi ethnic minorities have a long history in Lijiang, their splendid culture, unique traditions, architecture and clothing will give us an opportunity to see how minorities cultures be well maintained.

We will visit the renowned Black Dragon Pool with its Moon Embracing Pavilion, Five Phoenix Pavilion and Dongba Cultural Village; Beam River (Shuhe) ancient town; ancient city of Naxizu.

We will stroll through “Cha Ma Road,” preserved as an important old market place.

After arriving at Lijiang Ancient Dayan town, we will enjoy our free time to walk down the cobblestone streets preserved for over 700 years.

naxi 3 bai minority 4
Impression Lejiang 1 Lijiang1

Day 8

05/07 Lijiang

naxi 6dish 4

The highlight of the day must be Jade Dragon Mountain, the mythical mountain worshipped by the Naxi people.

We will board the chair lifts to access higher regions that afford a beautiful view of the famous Thirteen Peaks, then tour Baisha Village, the ancient capital of the Naxi Kingdom.

The Baisho Frescoes with their fine smooth lines, bright colors, vivid pattern and balanced and harmonious composition are wonders to see.

They are not only crucial to the history of Chinese painting but also important to cultural heritage relics.

Watching the show of Impression Lijiang after dinner will mark a memorable moment of this beautiful region of China -their delightful performance uses snow-capped mountains and river as the background.

naxi 4Bai Minority 1

Day 9

05/08 Lijiang – Dali

china dali pagoda

Our plan is to drive to Dali, Capital of ancient Nanzhao and Dali Kingdoms, then take a cruise on scenic Erhai Lake to enjoy its alpine setting.

We will get first hand experience of local daily life as we visit a Bai Minority Village, taste their famous “Three Courses Tea” while enjoying Bai minority dance performance.

On the way back into town, we will stop at the famous Three Elegant Pagodas, an outstanding landmark of the region.

Dali Hotel: Landscape Hotel —-4+ star hotel

Day 10

05/09 Dali / Kun ming (By Air plane)

juixiung 1

We will visit the village of Xizhou, home to a diverse population.

It was an important stop on the trade route to Tibet. Xizhou flourished in the Ming dynasty (1368-1644), along with the fortunes of Dali’s tea merchants.

We will take a flight to Kunming at noon.

Upon arrival, we will tour the 400-year-old Golden Palace Temple at the top of Mingfeng Hill, home of the Taoist Taihe Palace (Hall of Supreme Harmony) and the largest copper temple.

Kunming Hotel: Kaiwah Plaza Hotel—-5 star

Day 11

Kunming –05/10 Stone Forest—Jiuxiang—Kunming

stone forest 1

Our visit of Stone Forest will be a exciting one.

Millions years of erosion by nature has created an art gallery of stone sculpture here. This typical Karst physiognomy takes the form of a forest of stone pillars and boulders.

It is as if the countless stone hills assuming different shapes vying to surpass each other in grandeur and sublime beauty.

Our next stop is Juixiang Scenic Area.

It is perhaps the most famous for its extensive series of caves, loaded with ancient Yi myths (local tour guide will lead us through here with endless stories).

There is an underground waterfall. Local villages and an impressive view of a scenic gorge round out the highlights of this area.

Day 12

05/11 Kunming / Guangzhou, Guangzhou/ LAX

kunming hotel 2

Before heading home, we will visit the Western Hills, a range of four mountains whose silhouette is said to resemble a “Sleeping Beauty”; then be on our flight to Guangzhou and continue flight from Guangzhou back to US.

An Amazing, Adorable and Affordable (AAA) Vacation

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International from LAX and China domestic flights, as listed above; 5 star or 4 star hotels (local best) double occupancy; sightseeing & transportation; show tickets, best local meals, English speaking tour guides, and daily Tai Chi practice with TC.

Not included:

1. Chinese visa fee $150 (include $20 handling)

2. Tips. $6/day/person -suggested

This vacation is offered by TCSociety through China Travel Service

Please emailhouten@gmail.comfor your reservation.

Please contact Kitty, our travel agent, at 626-576-9688 or www.echinatours.comfor related questions.

Price of LA to China Round Trip

Group over 10 people: $2,499/person + Tax $320/person

*** $300 deposit at reservation before 01/18/2010. Balance due 03/12/2010.

*** Individual return day can be arranged: $100 additional before 3/12/2010; $300 additional during the trip.

Price of Land Only

Group over 10 people: $2,180/person

chinaBai Minority 2