2010 Taiwan Trip

Taiwan Vacation with TC

This is the first Taiwan trip of our group. Taiwan was invaded and occupied by Portuguese, Dutch, and Japanese for almost 300 years before it finally return to China as a province. The breathtaking scenery of this island is mostly contributed by the high mountains and tropical weather. You may enjoy four seasons in a day by coming down from the peak of the mountain to surf in the ocean.

Taiwan Ocean

Taiwan BuildingThere are many great Tai Chi practitioners in Taiwan because the elites of other 35 provinces fled communist control to this island in 1949 from China. You may find best Chinese foods in Taiwan instead of in China for the same reason. You will enjoy the traditional Chinese culture in this friendly and affluent island. Taiwan is only ten times bigger than Rhode Island but has a population of 23 million people.

Our trip is set for the beginning of April in 2010 for two weeks. Updates of the detailed schedule will be available before the New Year.