San Shou Training

“Do you know the difference between the power of Tsai採, Lieh捩, Chou肘, Kao靠, Pegn掤, Lu捋, Ji擠, and An按’?”

They are the fundamental eight forces of Tai Chi Chuan. They are what brings Tai Chi Chuan to life.

TCSociety is offering an eight week program to help you to understand them.

It does not matter what school of Tai Chi Chuan you are practicing, knowing how to practice these eight forces will lead you in the right direction to a deepening understanding of Tai Chi principals.

Any form can be carried out to look graceful on the outside,  but only the correct usage of these fundamental forces can make the form meaningful and effective.

Our goal, by the end of this eight week program, is to have you practice a complete San Shou routine consisting of these forces.

The program will start on August 1, and will run for eight sessions.

Each session is one hour, from 3:30 – 4:30 p.m. every Sunday afternoon until September 19.

– General tuition is $25.00 for each session

– Tuition for TCSociety Members is $10.00 for each session

The training will occur at the Palm Court inside the Yahoo Center in Santa Monica:

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Which is located at 2425 Colorado Ave. Santa Monica, CA 90404 (The Yahoo Center is located at the corner of Colorado Ave & 26th Street)

*** There is a special eight week Chinese Language program that follows with this San Shou routine. The Chinese Language program will occur in the hour preceding the San Shou class. For details please visit ***