Do you want traditional Tai Chi Chuan lessons near Marina del Rey, CA?

Marina Del Rey
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Here is a list of our Tai Chi Chuan classes within a 5 mile radius of Marina del Rey, CA:

Yahoo! Center, Santa Monica, CA
Douglas Park, Santa Monica, CA
Mar Vista Park, Mar Vista, CA

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Our Marina del Rey Tai Chi Offerings Include:

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  • Tai Chi Chuan Lessons Marina del Rey, CA
  • Tai Chi Chuan Classes Marina del Rey, CA
  • Tai Chi Chuan Teacher Marina del Rey, CA
  • Tai Chi Chuan Instruction Marina del Rey, CA

Tai Chi Chuan is a form of martial art that is practiced around the world. It stands for “supreme ultimate fist”. Originating in China, Tai Chi offers those who use it a variety of benefits (both mentally and physically), as well as a solid understanding of self-defense. Because many people use Tai chi for personal reasons and benefits, there are actually two different forms of Tai Chi in existence. These include traditional Tai Chi and modern Tai Chi. Aside from these two forms of Tai Chi, there is also a new form coming into existence that focuses on slow movements.

In the 20th century, Tai Chi Chuan was promoted as an excellent way to increase your overall physical and mental health. As a result, even those individuals who had no interest in studying a martial art began practicing this one. Today, studies continue to show the incredible health benefits that are held by the art of Tai Chi. Not only does Tai Chi benefit the overall health of the body, but it also helps you to relax and enter into a clear state of mind that is necessary for your overall health. Aside from the overall health benefits, Tai Chi also teaches advanced students some parts of Chinese medicine, furthering its benefits even more.

There are three main components to the lessons taught in Tai Chi Chuan. The first is health. According to Tai Chi theory, if an individual is unhealthy or uncomfortable, they will not be able to achieve the sense of peacefulness or serenity that is necessary to practice the art. Thus, before you can use Tai chi for self-defense, you must first learn (through the Tai Chi teachings) how to effectively alleviate stress on both your body and mind. Once you have achieved great physical health, you will be better able to learn to defend yourself.

The second teaching of Tai Chi is meditation. According to Tai Chi masters, meditation is a great way to help you achieve the peacefulness and serenity that is needed for the art. It is one method that Tai Chi masters use to help maintain their overall health and well-being.

Finally, and most obviously, Tai Chi is a form of martial art. Used as a form of self-defense, Tai Chi does not teach an individual how to fight. Rather, it teaches students how to defend themselves against negative forces without applying the same amount of negative force back. Because Tai Chi teaches to defend rather than to fight, it takes a great deal of preparation and concentration to learn.

According to Tai Chi theory, if violent force is responded to with violent force, someone will ultimately get hurt. Because of this, Tai Chi teaches to defy incoming violent forces, not fight them. Rather than meeting violence with anger and harshness, it must be met with subtleness. Tai Chi teaches its students to be aware and to track and defend against violent movements until the attacker is drained or no longer desires to fight.

When learning Tai Chi, there are 3 different ranges that you will learn; close range, medium range, and long range (as well as all ranges in between). Rather than using punches, open-hand strikes and pushes are preferred. Kicks are taught, but are usually only to the legs and lower than hip level. To begin with, Tai Chi will give you a basic understanding of the protective and counteractive skills, and then will train you to learn the more hands-on offensive skills.

Today, Tai Chi is used as both a form of martial arts and as a method of maintaining physical and mental well-being. Associated with Tai Chi are the benefits of stability, flexibility, and cardiovascular health. For those who need to lose some weight, Tai Chi is also great for burning calories. Try Tai Chi Chuan today and experience these benefits for yourself!