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Here is a list of our Tai Chi Chuan classes within a 5 mile radius of Venice, CA:

Yahoo! Center, Santa Monica, CA
Douglas Park, Santa Monica, CA
Westwood Park, Westwood, CA
Mar Vista Park, Mar Vista, CA

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Tai Chi VeniceTai Chi Chuan can be defined as a form of Chinese Martial Art. Practiced by many people around the globe, Tai Chi Chuan offers a variety of self-defense lessons and health benefits. Aside from these two reasons, many people also practice Tai Chi for various other, more personal, reasons. Because of this fact, there are two different types of Tai Chi in existence; traditional and modern. What does Tai Chi Chuan mean? It stands for “supreme ultimate fist”. There are also some forms of Tai Chi that are known ultimately for their slow, precise movements.

In the early twentieth century, Tai Chi Chuan became extensively known for its health benefits. As a result, people from around the world began practicing the art – not for its martial arts training, but rather for the health benefits that it offered. There are a wide variety of medical studies that show that Tai Chi is a great substitute for exercise, as well as a therapy in the martial arts field. By focusing the mind on the movements being created, the art of Tai Chi is able to create a clear, calming state of mind that can be very therapeutic for the individual practicing it. Not only does Tai Chi offer clear benefits for both the body and mind, but it also provides Chinese medicine training to those who are more advanced.

The lessons of Tai Chi Chuan include three different sections:

1) Health

If you are not healthy, you could find it difficult to participate in, and receive the benefits associated with, Tai Chi Chuan. The teachings of Tai Chi, then, pay close attention to eliminating stress on both the body and mind. And, if you want to be able to defend yourself, you need to be in excellent condition, both physically and mentally.

2) Meditation

Tai Chi is not all about self-defense. It is also about tranquility and relaxation. According to those who practice Tai Chi, meditation is necessary in achieving our maximum well-being.

3) Martial Art

If a student is to use Tai Chi as a form of self-defense, they must be able to thoroughly understand the art. Tai Chi teaches individuals how to react to outside forces, and how to block incoming forces rather than respond to them with the same negative energy. To fully understand the art of Tai Chi takes many years and a great deal of training.

According to the art of Tai Chi Chuan, if an individual is not flexible in defending themselves against violence, both individuals participating in the act are going to be hurt. It is only expected that such damage will occur if you respond to negative energy with the same negative energy. Because of this theory, Tai Chi students are trained, not to fight against violent forces, but to defy violent forces. Through Tai Chi, incoming forces are met with calmness and awareness until these forces are drained or redirected.

There are 3 main ranges that are taught in Tai Chi Chuan: close, medium, and long. Typically, open hand striking and pushing are encouraged over punching. Any kicks that are utilized must be below the hip. Principally, Tai Chi masters instill their apprentices with the knowledge to protect themselves and counteract violent forces and an apprentice will have to demonstrate this knowledge before being trained with the actual skills.

In today’s society, Tai Chi Chuan is not only seen as a form of martial art, but also as an excellent art to help maintain personal well-being. As studies have shown, Tai Chi Chuan has positive effects on each the management of stability, flexibility, and cardiovascular health. It also decreases the potential of falling. Aside from these benefits, Tai Chi also helps to burn calories and is thus excellent for weight loss. Because Tai Chi offers so many personal health benefits, it should be included in your day-to-day routine.