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Have you ever seen people doing those slow motion exercises in the park or in the background of Chinese movies?

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That slow motion Chinese exercise is called Tai Chi Chuan (Taiji).

More recently, Taiji has been gaining attention all around the world for its healing powers and its ability to prevent illnesses. It is a complete exercise of the mental and physical in one art form.

TCSociety is a volunteer organization in Los Angeles that aims to spread the understanding of the fundamentals of Tai Chi principles through the practice of Old Yang Style Tai Chi Chuan.

The society was founded by TC Hou in 1992. TC Hou, also the lead instructor, he has been practicing Tai Chi for over forty years. He learned the art in Taiwan from Master Hsiung Yang Ho, who taught him the Yang style and from Master Lin Chao Hai, who taught him the Wu style.

Over the years, the society has grown and new members are always joining. The members of the TC Society are a diverse group of people with diverse backgrounds. It is comprised of senior citizens, middle aged folks, college students, and sometimes children.

They came from all walks of life and from different parts of the world like Israel, Iran, Taiwan, China, Japan, and of course Los Angeles, USA. There are dozens of active members eagerly supporting and regularly participating in every activity the society holds.

As a Tai Chi club, TCSociety holds weekly practice sessions as well as local field trips to explore other Tai Chi styles and explore Chinese culture, in-depth. In addition, there are half-day workshops that focus on fundamental Tai Chi principles and annual travel trips to China and Taiwan for members to experience Tai Chi history first hand.

TCSociety’s main goal is to promote Tai Chi practice and principles to improve the health and well-being of, not only the individual members, but also the community and world at large. To realize this goal, a portion of all the revenue generated from the Tai Chi classes, workshops, and special events is donated to various charities.

Weekly classes generally last an hour and a half and focus on warm-up, form practice, application, and closing meditation. They are held throughout the greater Los Angeles area, including Santa Monica, Studio City, Diamond Bar, Malibu, Thousand Oaks, and Riverside.

Overall, TCSociety provides an opportunity for those with a desire to improve their health and well being through a program of focused and intensive practice of Tai Chi in a supportive, calm and healthy environment.

Come and learn the art of Tai Chi and experience its essence as you develop your own style!

By learning the fundamental principles underlying all Tai Chi forms, you will be able to maximize the positive benefits of Tai Chi to your body, mind, spirit, and your whole life.

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