This ‘form’ was salvaged from a motion capture library I found earlier this week. The library is apparently a collection of data sets recorded in 2008.

No information is given in regard to the identity of the performance artist. The person is doing what appears to be a Yang style form, beautifully. The file name was listed under filename 12_04

Subject #12 (tai chi, walk)

12_04 tai chi

The motion has not been cleaned! What I can see is that Carnegie-Mellon’s motion capture equipment is wildly accurate. That also indicates that what you are seeing is a very accurate depiction of the movement. Then consider the stability through the main frame of the body.

It is possible to view something like this on your own computer by downloading the FBX file, Quicktime and a plugin for Quicktime that allows you to open FBX files. Contact Brian if you are interested.

“FBX for QuickTime Viewer” plugin:


Carnegie-Mellon Graphics Lab Motion Capture Database
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v1.00 last update July 20, 2008

Compiled from the individual CMU index files by B. Hahne