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I just wanted to share a video from my Vimeo collection If you are not aware, there are quite a few videos of Xiong Yang-Ho out there on youTube. Xiong (sometimes spelled ‘Hsuing’) Yang-Ho (sometimes ‘Yangho’) was the first of TC Hou’s tai chi chuan teachers. In an effort for us to see more of the Yang style tai chi form, I have stabilized some of these shaky youTube renditions. The first of these, I did about a year ago. If you haven’t seen it, you can view it here:

This video shows Xiong Yang-Ho’s rendition of the Yang Style “First Set.” The postures demonstrated match our form- ‘Tai Chi Ready’ ( 预备 ) trough ‘Return Tiger to Mountain’ ( 抱虎歸山 抱虎归山 ).

The non-stabilized, original youTube title was:

For more on our lineage, see:
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