If you missed today’s Tai Chi Qi-Kung  workshop with TC,  I’ve made some notes and transcribed them here.

I will not cover any of the movements or hand motions, but I am creating some notes on the ordering. In the Vimeo video link below you can see a visualization of the order of the meridians to be combined with the breathing. The video plays a little fast, as this is a prototype animation- just pause the video when needed.
An expanded version of the following animation (including the movements) will be presented in future editions. For now, please enjoy:

The ordering is like the list below. Color emphasis added is similar to the acupuncture mannequin TC presents:

1. Gall Bladder
2. Liver
3. Lung
4. Large Intestine
5. Stomach
6. Spleen
7. Heart
8. Small Intestine
9. Bladder
10. Kidney
11. Pericardium
12. Triple Burner

The above five colors are also the colors of the Wu Xing:

, Yellow, Green, White, and Blue (sometimes represented as Black).
The pattern to these colors can be discovered on the Wikipedia link –  The Wu Xing

As TC mentioned ‘water’ and ‘bodies of water,’ you can think of the colorization (wu xing) to determine the flow of those rivers based on wu xing cycles…

…learn more at the next workshop, Chi Kung Workshop #2.