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Tai Chi in Van Nuys, CA

When you think of the term "martial arts", what do you think of? If you are like most, you think of a body contact sport that involves kicking, punching, and fighting. And while there are many types of martial arts that do focus on these these things, Tai Chi is not one of them. When taking Tai Chi in Van Nuys, CA, more focus is placed on slow, rhythmic, and meditative body movements. Unlike most martial arts, these movements are not all about self defense. Rather, they are designed to promote relaxation, inner calmness, and peace. Let’s take a closer look at the art of Tai Chi, and the benefits that come along with practicing it.

The history of Tai Chi…

Before we discuss the health benefits of taking Tai Chi in Van Nuys, CA, let us first take a look at the origins of the art. Centuries old, Tai Chi is a Chinese martial art that descends from an ancient Chinese discipline known as qigong. While there is no record of how old the practice of Tai Chi actually is, there are some records that suggest it is more than 2 500 years old! The movements in Tai Chi are designed to be smooth and subtle. At a high skill level, Tai Chi artists reflect the notion of "four ounces can deflect a thousand pounds" and believe that will a small amount of energy, a skilled Tai Chi artist can easily defend themselves a greater force acted out by an attacker.

The benefits of Tai Chi…

Aside from learning how to defend yourself, there are many health benefits that are associated with the practice of Tai Chi. According to the Chinese, Tai Chi can prolong your lifespan, increase your flexibility, and strengthen your muscles. It is also thought to aid in the treatment of such conditions as high blood pressure, skin diseases, cancer, heart disease, arthritis, depression, and many other illnesses and health conditions. Unfortunately, while many people swear by these beliefs, they have not yet been scientifically proven. With that said, there are many benefits of Tai Chi that have been proven. Here are a few proven benefits that come along with taking Tai Chi in Van Nuys, CA:

1) Improves Balance
2) Increases self confidence
3) Improves strength and endurance
4) Improves aerobic capacity
5) Improves the condition of those suffering from fibromyalgia
6) Decreases stress

Why take Tai Chi over other forms of martial art?

As said previously, Tai Chi combines self defense with relaxation methods. When combined together, these two factors can benefit you in all of the ways listed above. In addition, the risk of injury in Tai Chi is much less than it is in other forms of martial art because the movements are slow and gentle, placing a minimum amount of stress on your joints and muscles. Tai Chi is non-competitive, and is a form of martial art that you can take at your own pace. And most importantly, you will have a great time learning it!

So what are you waiting for? Try out Tai Chi in Van Nuys, CA today. If you like it, your body will reap the benefits! Contact to learn how you can get started!

How to Earn a Tai Chi Certificate

Tai Chi is a form of martial art that takes years to learn. But once you have learned about the art, you may want to take things one step further and earn a Tai Chi certificate. In order to earn Tai Chi certification, you must first become a student of Tai Chi yourself, partaking in formal Tai Chi classes for several years. Once you have demonstrated your knowledge of the art, you must then demonstrate your understanding and expertise by teaching such classes for yourself. Let’s take a closer look at Tai Chi certification including who qualifies for it, as well as where you can go to earn it.

In order to qualify to earn a Tai Chi certificate, one must demonstrate over 2, 000 hours of class time and practical experience. These hours must be recognized and documented by a Tai Chi master in a registered school. While certification is not always necessary to teach Tai Chi, it can definitely be beneficial in attracting students to your class, showing them that you are in fact a reputable Tai Chi master who has extensive knowledge surrounding the form of martial art. In order to qualify for certification, you may also be required to pass a written exam regarding the history and health benefits associated with the art of Tai Chi.

Tai Chi Certification Los AngelesThere are many different schools that offer training and education surrounding the art of Tai Chi. In these schools you will learn about the technique of Tai Chi, the history of Tai Chi, and the philosophy surrounding Tai Chi. Most schools will also teach its martial applications. In order to pass certification, a student must be able to demonstrate an understanding of the different Tai Chi forms, showing that they understand how to perform the movements, postures, and applications properly. Many Tai Chi courses also include classes that teach students how to run their own Tai Chi programs, as well as how to market their school.

In order to achieve a Tai Chi certificate, a particular number of hours in formal instruction and practical experience will be required. While this number will vary greatly from school to school, most courses require between 150 hours to 2000 hours of experience for certification. Generally speaking, the more advanced the certificate, the more hours you will need to receive it. Tuition for classes will also vary from school to school, and some courses will require you to pay an annual fee in order to keep your certificate active.

In order to find a Tai Chi program that meets your needs, you will want to take your time and contact several different schools. Ask each school about the courses that they offer and why they feel they are the best school for you. Compare courses and ask about the instructors experience and credentials. There are several different organizations that offer Tai Chi certification including the American Tai Chi and Qigong Association, the American Fitness Professionals Association, and the International Fitness Professionals Association.

Is a Tai Chi certificate the right choice for you? If you want to teach Tai Chi, than certification will go a long way in building your student base. Start contacting different schools today and discuss your future in teaching Tai Chi! Where can you begin? Start here –

Tai Chi for Beginners

Tai Chi is an art form that has been learned for many years. But what exactly is Tai Chi? What benefits does it hold? And what are the different styles? Let’s take a look in this Tai Chi guide for beginners.

What is Tai Chi?

Tai Chi is a form of movement. It is often recognized when people are seen doing a series of silent, fluid, slow-motion movements. And despite the fact that Tai Chi looks like a form of meditation, it is actually a form of martial art. Many people use Tai Chi as a form of self-defense. Others use it for stress management and better health.

To many, Tai Chi is referred to as the “perfect exercise”. This is because it can be performed by individuals of all ages and fitness levels. In addition, the injury rate of Tai Chi is low, but the health benefits are high. For those who don’t use Tai Chi as exercise, many use it as a form of martial art, performing it as an act of self defense.

What benefits come along with Tai Chi?

There are many benefits that come along with the practice of Tai Chi, but there are three main motivations for it’s use, let’s take a look:

Health benefits:

Anyone who practices Tai Chi will reap the benefits in terms of health. Tai Chi helps to exercise muscles and stretch all parts of the body. In return, the fluids within our body can flow better and we can feel healthier. In addition, Tai Chi also promotes balance and coordination.

Stress reduction:

Tai Chi is a great practice for stress relief. This is also a great health benefit, because stress is the leading cause of heart attacks, strokes, and other health conditions. Through the practice of regular Tai Chi, you can learn how to deal with your stress in a more positive manner, reducing the effects that it has on your health and wellness.

Self Defense Benefits:

Among other things, Tai Chi is also a form of martial art. When practicing Tai Chi, you learn a solid basis of self defense skills. Not only is martial arts training a good thing to have in unexpected circumstances, but it is also a great workout and training session for your body and your muscles.

What are the different styles of Tai Chi?

Currently, there are four major styles of Tai Chi. Included within these are Chen, Yang, Wu, and Hao. Let’s take a look at each:

  1. Chen Tai Chi – This is the first type of Tai Chi ever known. This style of Tai Chi is characterized by slow and explosive movements. There is a great deal of coordination required for this style, so it can sometimes be difficult for beginners to grasp.
  2. Yang Tai Chi – This style of Tai Chi was actually derived from Chen. It is not the first developed style, but it is the most popular style today.
  3. Wu Tai Chi – This is known as “third generation Tai Chi”, developed from the Yang style.
  4. Hao Tai Chi – This is the least popular style of Tai Chi and is not commonly practiced anywhere in the world – even China.

Start looking for Tai Chi schools in your area today to determine which style is best suited to you!

Tai Chi Chuan in Pacific Palisades, CA

Do you want the best Tai Chi Chuan classes close to Pacific Palisades, CA?

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Here is a list of our Tai Chi Chuan classes within a 5 mile radius of Pacific Palisades, CA:

Yahoo! Center, Santa Monica, CA
Douglas Park, Santa Monica, CA

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Our Pacific Palisades Tai Chi Offerings Include:

  • Tai Chi Pacific Palisades, CA
  • Tai Chi Chuan Pacific Palisades, CA
  • Tai Chi Lessons Pacific Palisades, CA
  • Tai Chi Classes Pacific Palisades, CA
  • Tai Chi Teacher Pacific Palisades, CA
  • Tai Chi Instruction Pacific Palisades, CA
  • Tai Chi Chuan Lessons Pacific Palisades, CA
  • Tai Chi Chuan Classes Pacific Palisades, CA
  • Tai Chi Chuan Teacher Pacific Palisades, CA
  • Tai Chi Chuan Instruction Pacific Palisades, CA

Exercised by a large number of men and women throughout the world, Tai Chi Chuan supplies a number of lessons in self-defense, and also offers a variety of rewarding health benefits. What is the meaning of Tai Chi Chuan? It represents the “supreme ultimate fist”. Additionally, there are several varieties of Tai Chi often acknowledged for their slow-moving and exact motions.

Years ago, Tai Chi Chuan grew to be commonly famous for the advantages it offered in individual health and well-being. Subsequently, people from everywhere set about studying it – not because it taught people how to defend themselves, but because it offered so many health advantages. To date, there are many health related reports and studies that show that Tai Chi is an excellent way to engage in physical activity, and is, at the same time, very therapeutic. Tai Chi makes its students focus all of their energy and concentration on their movements. By doing so, it can be very peaceful, calming, and therapeutic.

If you are unhealthy, you could find it tough to perform the art of Tai Chi and receive the benefits that it holds. The lessons of Tai Chi therefore focus on reducing anxiety and stress, not only on the body, but also on the mind. And, as we all know, in order to safeguard yourself against violence, you must be in fantastic physical and mental condition.

Self-defense is not the only focus of Tai Chi. Tai chi is also about achieving peacefulness and relaxation. As outlined by individuals who train in Tai Chi, meditating is critical if you want to reach your highest potential.

If an individual is going to try to use Tai Chia as a method of defending themselves, they must be extremely knowledgeable about the skill. Tai Chi shows men and women how they should handle external violence, as well as how to prohibit inward forces as opposed to responding to them using the same violence. To totally grasp the skill of Tai Chi calls for years of instruction and a great deal of persistence and motivation.

Tai Chi Chuan in Marina del Rey, CA

Do you want traditional Tai Chi Chuan lessons near Marina del Rey, CA?

Marina Del Rey
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Here is a list of our Tai Chi Chuan classes within a 5 mile radius of Marina del Rey, CA:

Yahoo! Center, Santa Monica, CA
Douglas Park, Santa Monica, CA
Mar Vista Park, Mar Vista, CA

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Our Marina del Rey Tai Chi Offerings Include:

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  • Tai Chi Chuan Marina del Rey, CA
  • Tai Chi Lessons Marina del Rey, CA
  • Tai Chi Classes Marina del Rey, CA
  • Tai Chi Teacher Marina del Rey, CA
  • Tai Chi Instruction Marina del Rey, CA
  • Tai Chi Chuan Lessons Marina del Rey, CA
  • Tai Chi Chuan Classes Marina del Rey, CA
  • Tai Chi Chuan Teacher Marina del Rey, CA
  • Tai Chi Chuan Instruction Marina del Rey, CA

Tai Chi Chuan is a form of martial art that is practiced around the world. It stands for “supreme ultimate fist”. Originating in China, Tai Chi offers those who use it a variety of benefits (both mentally and physically), as well as a solid understanding of self-defense. Because many people use Tai chi for personal reasons and benefits, there are actually two different forms of Tai Chi in existence. These include traditional Tai Chi and modern Tai Chi. Aside from these two forms of Tai Chi, there is also a new form coming into existence that focuses on slow movements.

In the 20th century, Tai Chi Chuan was promoted as an excellent way to increase your overall physical and mental health. As a result, even those individuals who had no interest in studying a martial art began practicing this one. Today, studies continue to show the incredible health benefits that are held by the art of Tai Chi. Not only does Tai Chi benefit the overall health of the body, but it also helps you to relax and enter into a clear state of mind that is necessary for your overall health. Aside from the overall health benefits, Tai Chi also teaches advanced students some parts of Chinese medicine, furthering its benefits even more.

There are three main components to the lessons taught in Tai Chi Chuan. The first is health. According to Tai Chi theory, if an individual is unhealthy or uncomfortable, they will not be able to achieve the sense of peacefulness or serenity that is necessary to practice the art. Thus, before you can use Tai chi for self-defense, you must first learn (through the Tai Chi teachings) how to effectively alleviate stress on both your body and mind. Once you have achieved great physical health, you will be better able to learn to defend yourself.

The second teaching of Tai Chi is meditation. According to Tai Chi masters, meditation is a great way to help you achieve the peacefulness and serenity that is needed for the art. It is one method that Tai Chi masters use to help maintain their overall health and well-being.

Finally, and most obviously, Tai Chi is a form of martial art. Used as a form of self-defense, Tai Chi does not teach an individual how to fight. Rather, it teaches students how to defend themselves against negative forces without applying the same amount of negative force back. Because Tai Chi teaches to defend rather than to fight, it takes a great deal of preparation and concentration to learn.

According to Tai Chi theory, if violent force is responded to with violent force, someone will ultimately get hurt. Because of this, Tai Chi teaches to defy incoming violent forces, not fight them. Rather than meeting violence with anger and harshness, it must be met with subtleness. Tai Chi teaches its students to be aware and to track and defend against violent movements until the attacker is drained or no longer desires to fight.

When learning Tai Chi, there are 3 different ranges that you will learn; close range, medium range, and long range (as well as all ranges in between). Rather than using punches, open-hand strikes and pushes are preferred. Kicks are taught, but are usually only to the legs and lower than hip level. To begin with, Tai Chi will give you a basic understanding of the protective and counteractive skills, and then will train you to learn the more hands-on offensive skills.

Today, Tai Chi is used as both a form of martial arts and as a method of maintaining physical and mental well-being. Associated with Tai Chi are the benefits of stability, flexibility, and cardiovascular health. For those who need to lose some weight, Tai Chi is also great for burning calories. Try Tai Chi Chuan today and experience these benefits for yourself!